Commitment and improvement is what we pledge.

Ivilens™ is an innovative cosmetic eye wear lens provider which extends their service to not only optic outlets and lens wear users but also online retailers. Our business has expanded widely in sales and business partnerships around the world. This is due to the fact that our products have received the Certified European Conformity (CE) approval which allows our lenses to be sold widely in European countries. As such, we guarantee the best comfort and quality when it comes to cosmetic coloured lens because our products are manufactured using the finest research and design technology that abides strictly under the ISO9001 and ISO13485. The products have all thus used the sandwich process to provide both solid structure of the lenses and the softness for the consumers to feel comfy and fresh throughout the application.

At Ivilens™, we have the full responsibility for quality assurance on each contact lens. Our contact lenses pass through many kinds of inspection and strict testing to ensure quality. Lens specification and power inspection, lens appearance inspection, accelerated stability test, extraction test, physicochemical properties test, bio-compatibility and toxicology test, microbiology test, among others, are only part of our rigorous testing procedure. Only after those tests are the contact lenses admitted to our distributors. Your vision, we care and we serve you best.