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Sandwich Technology

Ensure vision safety is everything.

The sandwich process is used in color lens manufacturing which the color pigment is embedded between HEMA-Polymacon layer. Therefore, with multipurpose solution, rinsing, and rubbing the lenses will not cause the color pigment to fade out. Through this comfortable and secure process, Charmé lenses prove to be sticky to each others due to the comfortable formulation that we made. Thus, it is needed to handle with care.

Comfort level that nourish your eyes.

Thinner and eye fitting monthly lenses.

With the water content of 38%, the magnifies is made such thinner and with base curve of 8.7mm that fit perfectly to your eyes. This allows magnifies to follow your iris wherever it move. The enlargement that perfectly embedded to your iris.

Hours of Comfort

Comfortably amazing. Like never before.

Charmé is able to provide the most comfortable level that is similiar to silicone hydrogel(SiHy) lenses. With the precise engineering measurement and edge lifting technology (ELT), user will experience a longer hour of comfort wear.

To wear maximize comfort, a better MultiPurpose Solution(MPS) is recommended to rinse, rub and clean Charmé color lenses. Taken right to the edge.

5 Hours

8 Hours

10 Hours

11 Hours

12 Hours

Eyes enhancer.

Bigger. Better. And comfortably. Amazing.

We gives you the all new design, Eclipse, which enhanced your eye and gives you much more beautiful natural colored. With the previous predecessor, Magnifies, the Eclipse gives you bright and glowy eyes.

Eclipse Design.

Natural bright eyes.

A predecessor of Magnifies series, that give users a whole new level of brighter, natural and comfort design. Give yourself a brighter eyes with Eclipse.