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Commitment and improvement is what we pledge.

Charmé uses finest engineering design to create the best comfort experience for the user to wear for long hours. With thorough analysis from many other color lenses, Charmé able to breakthrough whole new level of comfort with HEMA Polymacon material.

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Ultraviolet Protection Technology. A healthier sight.

See how UV radiation can damage the eye. With Charmé contact lenses, you won't have to be afraid of the harmful UV A and UV B. The outer layer that will protect your lipid area from getting burned and directly expose to the UV.

Go all day out with our most enhanced technology of UV protection. Feel free and be free.

Hours of Comfort

Charmé is able to provide the most comfortable level that is similiar to silicone hydrogel(SiHy) lenses. With the precise engineering measurement and edge lifting technology (ELT), user will experience a longer hour of comfort wear.

To wear maximize comfort, a better MultiPurpose Solution(MPS) is recommended to rinse, rub and clean Charmé color lenses. Taken right to the edge.

5 Hours

8 Hours

10 Hours

11 Hours

12 Hours

MultiPurpose Solution(MPS) Performance

Charmé had run a several MPS comfort test to find out the maximum comfort that user is able to wear. Base on the reality survey, the team are able to gather and summarize the data on the multipurpose solution that is recommended to the user. Do consult with your optometrist to provide the solution for your eyes.

MPS do play a major role for all contact lenses which they are categorized to use on specific type of contact lenses such as soft or hard lens. To achieve the maximum comfort, user would need to seek advice from their Optometrist. Your eyes, we care.