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Wet Cast Molding - Efficient Production

Charmé™ manufacturer uses the cast molding process which can be divided into two types, wet cast molding and dry cast molding. For wet cast molding, the molds are bigger and the lenses are made out bigger than the dry cast molding ones. Therefore, the lens size is almost the same as the one after hydration. The advantage is that the lense size and power can be controlled and maintained much more easily. It enhances the yield rate and producticity unlike dry cast molding which need to main the exact temperature. One of the most famous contact lens manufacturers with its high evaluation in its customers' mind also adopts wet cast molding.

Sandwiched Process - Safe & Comfortable

The special sandwich process is used in color lens manufacturing where the pigment is embedded between HEMA. Therefore, the pigments is protected by another layer of HEMA against touching the eyes directly which makes the users much safer. By adopting this process, the lenses are much thinner and more comfy.

Automation Process & Equipment - Stable Quality

Charmé™ manufacturer adopts automation process and equipment. The manufacturing process is strictly monitored by the computer system whereby it enhances the efficiency and prevent human errors.