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The news about colored lenses causing infections to the wearers' eyes has worried me so I have stopped wearing them for a while. But then I realize colored lens are useful tool to enhance your look especially when you are wearing no makeup. They work to enlarge your eyes making you looks more vibrant. Other than that, they make you photogenic by enlarging your pupils and filling up more of your iris so that your eyes don't look like they are 'hanging' when you lower your chin while you take pictures.

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Here's the latest review on Charmé Mesmerize Violet

Prior to having Charmé on board with me, I remember how I was wearing another pair of contact lens and it was frustrating. I often had 3 events back-to-back in a day to attend and sometimes, I would wear them from 11am in the morning till 3am past midnight. I could hardly even remove them by the end of the day. It had gotten so dry till it actually caused me pain and discomfort.

One of the many things I like about Charmé's contact lenses is how comfortable I feel after wearing them for a long day (or night) out. The technology behind Charmé solves that problem of wearing contact lenses for long hours. Good thing I won't be going through that anguish anymore, as Charmé contact lens are so moist, comfortable and soft. Thanks Ivilens!

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